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GPS Nav with Wear vibrations

1 usd

For Android Wear, a true turn-by-turn GPS navigation. Eyes-free, hands-free and no voice. Just by vibrations on the wrist!Powered by the Google Maps notifications operating on the smartphone.Really useful on a bike for example. Not only. Driving too, when voice is not an option. Or walking when the sun make it difficult to see the screen.
You capture the turn notification in the following way:One vibration pattern to turn right: bip. Another pattern to turn left : bip-bip-bip.And for roundabouts : bip for first exit ; bip-bip for second, etc.You can customize the strength of the vibrations.
The vibration happens at the right moment : when you need to prepare to turn. And this happens according to your speed.
If you happen to need a map display on the watch you may want to open the Maps app by Google on the wearable.
Set upAfter installation you have to open the UI on the smartphone : and you will be guided on how to grant permission to access notifications.Then you have to open once the UI on the smartwatch : this will install a listener one the watch.
Back on the smartphone, you can customize the vibration strength.
UsageNote that after setup, you dont need to use the UI any longer.You just open Google Maps and start a turn-by-turn navigation. Youll receive the vibrations on the watch.
Left-hand trafficIn left-hand traffic countries, the right vs left pattern are reversed to match corresponding roundabouts logic.
Permissions. This app requires you the following permissions:- vibration: obviously- GPS location: to capture the speed so as to better compute the right moment to vibrate.- Bluetooth : to check that Bluetooth is on.
Test and refundYoull need to go around outdoor to test this app. Not easy within the 15 min PlayStore provide refund button.So we refund, within 7 days, by simple mail to